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 With over 30 years experience in the fields of training, management and consultancy, GK Training Services offers an unrivalled package of services to enhance your business, promote staff satisfaction, focus your managers, give greater customer service, and ultimately increase your turnover!

GK Training Services Limited (GKTS) was founded in November 2005 but was dormant until August 2007. The company was started in order to deliver high quality training throughout Greater Manchester but predominately in the Wigan Borough. We offer Study Programme courses and Traineeship courses for young people aged 19 – 24, these courses help to prepare young people for the world of work. 

Statement regarding 16 to 19 Tuition Fund


GK Training Services Limited has received the 16 to 19 Tuition Funding from the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA). This is to provide our organisation with additional financial support required for extra tuition and support to our study programme learners, including SEND whose learning has been disrupted due to Covid-19 and imposed lockdown measures. 


The additional tuition provided has been tailored to the individual needs of the learners identified and covers all functional skills qualifications, employability skills and in some area’s customer service – wherever the learner requires the additional support.


By receiving this help and support from the ESFA it has contributed to helping specific learners get back on course with their learning and ensuring they positively continue to move forward on their individual learning journey with us.


The groups of learners that received/or are continuing to receive the funding were selected by their tutors, in cases where their individual progress has/had been affected. In total three small groups of 5 received additional tuition. 


Hayley Johnson – Tonks

Managing Director