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We will help you to improve standards and profit through proving high quality training which meets your business needs.

Study Programmes (16-18 year olds)

Study Programmes are an initiative aimed at 16 to 18 year olds who are not yet ready to enter apprenticeship or other employment. Through individually tailored learning support and work experience, Study Programmes ultimately aims to increase significantly the number of young people progressing to permanent employment and work-based learning, including apprenticeship and equip them with the right qualifications to assist them to achieve their full potential.

Employers are central to the success of Study Programmes. If you are an employer of young people, whether in the private or public sector, you may wish to consider the potential benefits that Study Programmes offer and how you can support individual learners.

Study Programmes cater for young people with a wide range of aptitudes, abilities and motivation. They may be able but held back by any of a wide range of difficulties and circumstances, including bad experiences of education, training or employment. With the right support, many Study Programme learners will be able to progress to gainful employment and training, including Apprenticeship, and make a positive contribution to your business.

Study Programmes consist of three strands. This includes Functional Skills (Mathematics, English and ICT), employability and personal development (confidence building, team working etc), and crucially, vocational skills. With GKTS, the vocational skills delivered are in the retail and customer service sectors.

Employers already involved in Study Programmes report a range of significant benefits to their business, they include:

Cost saving on recruitment
Employers are supported with training costs and those that subsequently employ a Study Programme learner after a work placement save on recruitment costs.

Recruitment tool
Study Programmes provide a useful recruitment source and an opportunity to assess the suitability of learners as future employees – so in effect, providing a low risk solution to recruitment.

Training and development tool
Study Programmes provide high quality support for the young person’s learning, and enables employers to train them to their needs.

Fills staffing and skills gaps
Study Programmes can address skills shortages and skills gaps.

Expression of corporate social responsibility
Study Programmes enable employers to ‘put something back’ into the communities in which they do business.