Traineeships (16-18 years old)

Traineeships give young people the opportunity to gain experience in the workplace, whilst working towards a qualification.

GK work with the employer to ensure that the learner engages in the placement and receives the best support. The work placement is the main focus of the traineeship and GK works with the employer to try and secure employment or an apprenticeship for the young person.

Course Duration

We offer Traineeships to 16-18 years old.

The Traineeship Course is a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of 26 weeks.

Attendance at the centre will vary dependant on work placement requirements

Course Content

Work experience is the main focus of a Traineeship. It provides young people with the skills and experience that employer’s are looking for today in the world of work.

Whilst on a Traineeship Programme young people will be given advice and guidance on the correct behaviours and attitudes that should be adhered too in the workplace, to ensure they obtain the best possible experience out of their work placement.

A qualification will be worked towards whilst gaining valuable experience in the workplace. This would usually be English and Maths.

Our goal is to ensure by the end of the Traineeship that the young person has achieved their qualification with us and just as importantly progressed to a positive destination: Employment, Apprenticeship or Further Education.